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Maya's Story

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Then came Maya! Last year was a struggle for Maya in Kindergarten Maya's teacher noticed she was struggling to focus on education materials and looked lost or confused, but again was a bright kid.  Her teacher was nervous about her not having pre-reading skills she would need for 1st grade and struggling to memorize her alphabet. She didn't know the sounds of alphabet, and could not hear or make the sounds verbally.   Her teacher was thinking retaining could help.  I was not a big fan of that as I was retained as a kid and still struggled.  I didn't want to retain Maya I wanted to get her help for her Dyslexia and I was willing to trust in the Barton program.  I had faith Maya would be ok if she was getting help from a Dyslexia professional.  

In December of her Kindergarten year I asked her teacher if she thought it could all be from dyslexia and if maybe she couldn't focus because she was dyslexic. Her teacher didn't know anything about dyslexia.  So, once again I reached out to Ms. Garretson.   Dyslexia is hereditary so we knew Maya was most likely dyslexic. We started the LIPS program and did a screening for dyslexia as Maya was only 5 years old at the time it was to young to fully test and screen her but I wasn't giving up I wanted to start helping her ASAP!   Mrs. Cooper started the lips program and Learning to Write Without Tears app! Maya successful completed the programs and we sent her to first grade. I know Maya will be ok and successful with the help of her tutor Mrs. Cooper! Maya is doing great this year. She knows all the alphabet sounds and visually she knows them too!  She is using the Susan Barton dyslexia program with Mrs. Cooper three days a week in school at BSS, which is s private school.  And two days a week goes to the resource teacher who partners with Mrs. Cooper on what will be beneficial to Maya.

Today both my kids are improving through the Barton program, which is an Orton Gillingham program.   

Having Dyslexia is hard to understand but it is real.  I am living with it and so are my two kids!  



Isabelle's Story

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Isabelle was diagnosed in 2nd grade after I noticed reading, writing and spelling was hard for her.   I noticed and I wanted better for her as Istruggled with all three things too as a kid.  The school was not overly concerned as she was a bright kid and was succeeding in everything else at school.  I would ask the teacher each year if they were noticing her struggling to read and they would tell me just read to her, read read they would say.  I heard often some kids don't read until 3 or 4th grade.  My heart was telling me there was more going on.

I saw on FB through a friend a post on dyslexia so I clicked on the link to the Bright Solution’s website and watched the three videos, looked through the warning signs and definitions and just cried as I knew this was what I had.  What made it so emotional is I wish I could of had the label, resources, accommodations, and tutors to help me through my personal struggle.  

It's hard to go through life feeling lazy, not smart, like something isn't clicking but nobody knows why.  I didn't want that for Isabelle.  After realizing I had dyslexia I reached out to Melissa Garettson to help me and guide me so we together could give Isabelle s better life!

After testing and screening Isabelle was diagnosed with Dyslexia and is doing so much better with the help of her tutor Mrs. Cooper, who tutors her in our private school two days a week for an hour each day and throughout the summer.  Isabelle is thriving and I am blessed that BSS allows the tutor into the building during school hours so Isabelle can be a "normal" kid after school! After school she has time to play and do extra activities.

The biggest struggle for us these days is getting teachers educated and to fully understand dyslexia and the accommodations which are needed to help Isabelle's successes.  Each year I have to start over and explain Isabelle's story and what dyslexia is and  isn't and what she needs to succeed.  Dyslexia is very had to understand unless you live it!